Muse Muse, who’s got the Muse??? Thursday, Sep 3 2009 

Well it’s that time again and we’re searching for a Muse for the Rogue Festival. Applications are up and coming (October 1st, eesh!). But I actually think we’ve found one, all I need is confirmation from Dr. O and Wonder Twin 2 and then it’s courting the artist. JOY!

Sleepy…. I want bed time. Work is up and coming though so it’s off to the shower to de-stink and then to perdify…

Oh and it’s official… bringing words back from my youth is on the circut. Dude, totally radical!


Argh! Tuesday, Aug 25 2009 

As much as I’d like to be I am not computer savvy.

I need help! I’m looking for an online application that is on wordpress and that will feed into a database. I want to decide what goes into the database. Can I create an application form? For the Rogue Festival, we are trying to revamp some stuff and I simply do not have the knowledge or wherewith all to be able to master this task. Grrr! Does someone out there have any suggestions. Whenever I search it, I get those silly apps…. thank you iPhone, you bitch.

Still on the job hunt. I’m looking for a full time job that will sustain me. I’m also needing to make sure I can get benefits somewheres. ::sigh:: I am extremely thankful to those of you that have sent warm wishes and positive thoughts. I’m hoping something will turn around here in the near future!

In the meantime, working the Grill and hiking and taking yoga and trying not to fall into the deepest darkest depression I’ve known in a while. It’s on the brink, but I don’t want to fall into the void. Thus the reason I’m babbling on like this. Forcing myself to get up and do something rather than the nothing I’ve allowed myself to do. I’ll be applying for the new Macy’s store that’s opening soon… we’ll see if maybe I’ll get a call back.

I had a really good interview a week or so ago, but my credit score is so shoddy that I wasn’t an eligible candidate for the job….SUCKS!

So…. onward and upward. Positive thoughts are much appreciated!

Yoga Thursday, Aug 20 2009 

This morning I was in front of the Brass Unicorn at 9:45 am. There’s an hour long yoga class in the back room and it was absolutely amazing. I’ve never done yoga before but this class was perfect for those newbies (like myself) and those more experienced yoga-ists. It was a little intimidating because I know none of the poses, downward facing dog and such… but the instructor was really descriptive in her instructions so it was easy to follow. She lead the small class (one of the best things is that it was a small class, more intimate) through the different poses and stretches. My core was found and I was able to sluff off the stress of money woes and jobless worries and just focus on my inner health. It was really nice and I feel more balanced because of it. I highly recommend the class. The instructors are from Sister Yoga, so if you aren’t in the Tower, you can catch one of their classes.

I love Yoga!

I’ve been MIA Tuesday, Aug 18 2009 

With a severe case of computer-phobia. It’s stifling and maybe losing my job has made it that much harder…. so I’ve vowing to conquer and get my butt in gear. Blogging, comenting and maintaining my comittments. So you’ll see me working a lot on the Rogue Fesitval…. as such we’re getting back into full swing. Also check out Fright Night, I’m not a major player this year, but will pop my head in there sometimes.

I have pics from the last 2 hikes I”ll upload too…. oy! So much work and such a lack of motivation. Solitaire not happy. Solitaire is kicking her own ass now and will take names.

Da Count, Hiking & Job Status… Monday, Jul 27 2009 

Since I missed blogging Friday I have to add in a Da Count because I have been in a little bit of a rough spot and it’s those close to me that have offered their support that keep me going. After losing the job it was my friends and family that really helped me keep my chin up and they didn’t allow me to get sucked into the void of the “poor me pity party” that could have occurred. So to those that really stood up and helped me with words of encouragement, acknowledgment of actions and behavior, thank you. It’s your support and love that helps through this tough time.

We went hiking yesterday. It’s s Sunday tradition that I will fight to hold on to! This weekend we went to Florence Lake to check out the camp sites and to see if we could get to Jackass Meadow. We got to the lake and then drove around to get to the backside of the dam at Florence Lake. The dam is an interesting structure that has a completely unique architecture to it. It’s pretty awesome. Pics:

Florence Lake 003Florence Lake and dam

Florence Lake 010the view from behind the dam

Florence Lake 016backside of the dam

Florence Lake 017it was really big and cool looking

Florence Lake 023a cool waterfall

Florence Lake 028Fishing and lunch spot

Florence Lake 035we found Jackass Meadow

Florence Lake 047a view from the car around Kaiser Pass

Florence Lake 050On the way back we stopped by Portal Powerhouse and read about John Eastwood

This weekend wasn’t about a major hike (although there are plans to get a leg of the Half Dome hike in next week) but scouting campsites and relaxing. It rained on us again, although not as bad as last weekend! It was nice to get away and fine peace and solice in the mountains and the beauty of mother nature. Learning about John Eastwood was cool too, educational as well as peaceful. After we got back it was a quick shower and then off to CIRCA to work. It was Matt D.’s last night (and birthday) of DJ-ing and we will MISS HIM! The crowd was great and I was ti-red after work was done.

I’m still looking for a job, it’s rough out there and the competition is high, but I will not allow it to slow me down. I’m finding little prjects to complete, Rogue to work on and lots of things to get caught up on. So, sorry I’ve been MIA, but that’s life, no?

Hiking: Mist Falls Thursday, Jul 23 2009 

In the Kings National Forest we hiked a 4.6 mile 650 ft. gain to Mist Falls from Road’s End. It was a nice day, cloudy with 20% chance of thunderstorms. After a quick bite to give us energy, we started on the trail. We heard thunder bouncing from cloud to cloud and echoing off the peaks. We were putting ourselves at risk by hiking into a storm, but we did it anyway. It was beautiful and we got cold, on a day where Fresno hit a record 112 degrees! Good timing on our part, no?

Mist Falls 002

this is the trail head.

Mist Falls 004

a view from the hike

Mist Falls 007it was raining in the distance and the thunder was echoing

Mist Falls 010

the trail was beautiful with many different views

Mist Falls 013we hiked along the river for a bit, it was beautiful

Mist Falls 016these falls were down river from our final falls destination

Mist Falls 021had it not been raining, I don’t think we wouldhave seen this alpine river/run off

Mist Falls 026another down river falls with an impressive drop off

Mist Falls 029we came across this guy at Mist Falls

Mist Falls 031they were definitely misty! beautiful

Mist Falls 035after we made it to the falls it started pissing rain, so we stayed under some trees waiting it out. it didn’t let up completely and we knew we needed to get back to the trazil head before we got stuck. on the trail there is an exposed granite rock face, while thunder and lightening happens, you don ‘t want to be there. also we saw plumes of smoke and feared getting stuck behind a forest fire. we booked it out, completing the 4.6 miles in an hour.

Mist Falls 037we weren’t the only ones caught in the rain

I’ve been on a hunt Wednesday, Jul 22 2009 

a job hunt that is.  After losing my full time job I’ve been scrambling to find something comparable to what I had.  I am confident that I will be able to find something and will keep people posted.  In these economic hard times it’s hard to stay away from the poor me mentality, but it’s a must. Onward and upward. Thank you to you that have already expressed positive thoughts and distant hung, they are much appreciated.

Da Count: Live Theatre Friday, Jul 17 2009 

dacountAh yes, the joys of live theatre. It’s pretty impressive when you imagine that each and every show has an unknown variable. There is always the tickle in the back of your mind regarding murphy and his law. But the show much go on!

Last night at As You Like It there were many little things that were handled well by the actors on stage. It was a fun evening to witness and be a part of. My hats go off to the cast for handling their unknowns so well. First, it was an understady night. One of the actors was out of town this weekend, so a new and different actor filled in. Sure, this is not all that uncommon, but still, it throws a little bit of a quirk in the game. Of course you have to deal with the peacocks and their sometimes seemingly on cue call. It’s fun to make fun of it, it’s a comedy, play with it. Oh and in the last few minutes when the sprinklers go off on your unsuspecting audience, pause and laugh, because it’s hilarious.

Yeah… good times to be had by all! 🙂

WSF: As You Like It Thursday, Jul 16 2009 

I’m going to go see the Woodward Shakespeare Festival’s production of As You Like It. Doors are at 7:00 pm and the show starts at 8:00 pm. We will be sitting picnic style with our ice chests and whatever tasty beverages of choice!

Don’t you wanna come and see a show???

Simply Amazing Monday, Jul 13 2009 

If you didn’t catch last night’s premier of the first 3 episodes of the 6 episode series WILD PACIFIC, I highly recommend you watch Discovery Channel tonight and see the remaining 3. I’m sure this series will be played again and again. It is spectacular (especially on HD) to see the formation and wonderful critters that are supported and sustained by the Pacific Ocean.  

I don’t knowif the same people behind Planet Earth is behind this one, but the camera work and the flow is very similar. It’s beautiful to see overhead camera shots of Bora Bora and other Paradise islands. Check it out!!!

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