Out of Retirement? Thursday, Jan 21 2010 

I haven’t been on here in quite some time. Causes?? Life. Busy. Stress. And the whole I’m still not at a job where I sit in front of a computer for multiple hours a day. A reason for blogging today?? The horrendous experience at the DMV.

Ok so this started on the 19th. I had to renew my license before the 20th. I went to the DMV at 1:00 pm. Waited 2.5 hours to see someone only to find out that our wonderful court system did not process a payment to a ticket I made back in November. While sitting at the DMV I call the court and talk to someone about the situation. They show I have $0 balance and need to put it through their computer system to release the hold on my license. This takes me to 5pm on the 19th. I’m screwed. I have to go back the morning of the 20th. So I get up and am there at 8:30 am. I think I’m late snce they open at 8 am right??? NOPE! They don’t open until 9 am. So I’m standing in line for 30 minutes waiting for the doors to open. Mind you we’ve been having a storm of epic porportions and I’m standing in the rain. Oh and I also have to take a lovely id pic too…. argh! Finally, the doors open and I get my number. The clerk I talked to at the court system actually called me back (totally above and beyond if you ask me!) to apologize and there were computer glitches and such but don’t worry it’s all fixed. Cool I thought. So I’m waiting to see someone at the DMV and it takes about an hour. I see the same clerk that helped me on the 19th. Coolness. I take my written, pass. Take the pic, not too shabby. And I’m outta there.

I promptly get ready for my lunch date with the Dad and as I’m headed out a mishap of embarrassing proportions occurs. I will not delve into details, it was bad I’m leaving it at that. I’m now running late for my lunch and as I get on the (still raining) wet highway I merge into the fast lane to pick up some time and get pulled over by the UC I merged in front of. He says how I’m driving too fast in the rain and regardless of my proper blinker usage he had to “slam” on his brakes. Yeah Yeah. I apologize and tell him I though there was room. I’m not in hysterics, I don’t use an excuse, but I hand him my license that’s expiring. D’Oh! Ok so technically it’s still legal. So cool. I’m preparing to hand him my paper license renewal proof and he comes back and tells me he’s going to let me go. AWESOME! I make it to lunch on time and my lesson is learned.

Work…. well work yesterday was fun. I had a good time. And I loved all the people that came out and hung out. It was very nice to be around friends after a hectic day.

Oh yeah… if I forgot to tell you, yesterday was my Birthday.

In other news:

The Rogue is coming along. There has been many many snafu’s but we’re handling everything one at a time. It should be good and we’ll get everything all set for the beginning in March. Did you see the Muse?

Yeah, I like her. She’s going to look amazing on the T-Shirt. Cool!

Ok, so no promises on a regular posting or anything. Or maybe I’ll come back and be good about it…. who knows.


WSF: As You Like It Thursday, Jul 16 2009 

I’m going to go see the Woodward Shakespeare Festival’s production of As You Like It. Doors are at 7:00 pm and the show starts at 8:00 pm. We will be sitting picnic style with our ice chests and whatever tasty beverages of choice!

Don’t you wanna come and see a show???

Tired Monday Monday, Jun 22 2009 

This weekend was filled with Friends, Family, Hiking and WORK WORK WORK!!!

I am tired, but it’s not a tired where I am wishing I had another day off. It’s a good feeling, knowing I was able to hike yesterday and go to work after and rock it. Saturday felt good, Friday was awesome because I got to see Da Mommy more.

We’re camping this weekend so planning has begun and is in full swing.

I’ll be posting pics from our hike yesterday, we did Road’s End, Zumwalt Meadow and hiked to Roaring Rapid Falls. Beautiful day, sunburn (need lotion asap!) and a wonderful time with Halo, Da Mommy and Dr. Dave!

Happy Monday!

Happy International Sushi Day!! Thursday, Jun 18 2009 

Today marks the 1st Annual International Sushi Day and a friend of mine and I celebrated with a great meal from Sushi 80’s.

Being a work Horse Tuesday, Jun 9 2009 

helps when you have an event that packs a place, namely Pecha Kucha! 230 peeps with a tons of liquor sales all in about 2 hours. It was quite an enjoyable evening of presentations. Craig Scharton’s presentation was about the changes coming to Downtown and it was really exciting to feel the energy of the crowd completely support Craing’s ideas and want to make it happen. That room was filled with some of the most amazing movers and shakers in this community. Mike Oz’s presentation was hilarious! All the worst fliers of the week compiled, it was awesome.

Now it’s time to gear up for this:


We’ll see ya out there!

It Was A Backyard Party Weekend! Monday, Jun 8 2009 

This weekend was (of course) filled to the brim with work and friends and gatherings and good eats.

Friday night the Grill was poppin and I re-discovered FARKLE which I will now be playing obsessively in order to beat my boss on Facebook! Yar!

Saturday was great, working in the day and then shooting over to a co-workers birthday party! It was great! When was the last time you were at a backyard party with BBQ and live music???

Speaking on live music, there was major representation of the 2nd Rate and they killed it! Check out the website and download (FOR FREE) albums from Howie Loots and Midi Mob. Mike Oz, Roque… I’m shouting these out to you guys! Check them out… home grown performers who literally play in our back yards!

Sunday we went to Yosemite and bagged Taft Point, the Fissures and Sentinel Dome… look for a post with pics on that later this week!

What did you all do this weekend??

Oh yeah, before I forget, tonight go to PECHA KUCHA


It will be a Funky Friday!!! Thursday, May 28 2009 

Tomorrow night is the night, do you have your Tower Tickets yet???

Black-Light-PoetryThose crazy cats over at Fresno Famous have the scoop!

New Friends and New Blogs Thursday, May 14 2009 

It’s always so amazing to reach out and read about new people, their lives they decide to share and their experiences.

A new friend (who honored me with a Post of the Day Award) is David over at Authorblog. It’s very interesting and so mind blowing to think that someone from across the globe can interact with someone like me in Cali. Wonderful and awesomeness!!!

It’s Thursday, Taste of the Tower is going on tonight, are you going to be there?? The jury is still out for me… Taste of the Tower or Star Trek at the Imax… hmmm…

This weekend is jam packed with work, waitressing Friday night, opening bartender Saturday and CIRCA Sunday (oh and psst, DJ COOKEE is comin!!!)

What do you have planned this weekend???

Weekend Wrap-Up Monday, May 4 2009 

EDIT & UPDATE: To see pics check out the photog’s MySpace page

Whew! It’s been one heck of a weekend!

Lilly is an awesome puppy, she’s so sweet and loving it’s wonderful and adorable! We had a great time taking care of her and the 2 kitties!

Work Friday and Saturday was good, busy, but good. It’s really becoming a routine with the working 13 days and off 1 day… sure brutal, but workable.

Circa’s 80’s Prom was awesome last night. Exhausted this morning, but the crowd was pumpin last nighth! So many people dressed up (and subsequentially kept me pouring drinks, so sorry no pics, I’ll post a link to the photog that was there once I get it), the music was all 80’s and the atmosphere was rad! It really was a great event and we’re trying to talk the organizers into doing this at least twice of not more times a year. It was great!

What did you do this weekend??

Puppy-Sitting!!! Thursday, Apr 30 2009 

lilyThis weekend we’re puppy-sitting this adorable little doggy who is the new addition to Da Bartender and Mr. Da Bartender’s family. Her name is Lilly and she’s all spunk and love. It should be a lot of fun to actually take care of this rambunctious puppy, taking her on walks and just being around to give her attention that’s so definitely necessary! it’s the first time her parents are leaving her at home so we’ll see how she handles it.

Work work work all the time! It’s really good to know you’re headed into a weekend full of work that’s going to pay off in the end.

That’s pretty much it for now, not too much to say really… but again, sometimes it’s best to just stay quiet.

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