Hi gang….

It’s been awhile and I know I’ve been a horrible horrible blogger! So quick recap. I’m a co-producer of the Rogue Festival with APJ. I’m still a server at the Starline Grill. And, probably most importantly, I’m currently a Senior at Fresno Pacific University in the English program where I will graduate in a year. I am taking a summer school course (only 3 units) and will attempt 18 units in the Fall. Oy! So… with all my free time I’ll be taking a journey into my own writing. Barry Smith told me I should take this journey, and he’s not the first to mention it, so I’m gonna embark on this 12 week journey to discover my inner creativity. And to get my writing chops back. I’ll be taking a creative writing class in the Fall so I’d better get in gear!!

I’m going through Julia Cameron’s the Artist’s Way which claims to be “A spiritual path to higher creativity.” There are a ton of writing assignments or workshops. I’ve got the book, journal, and workbook to guide my journey and all I need is to start the path. I think I’ll start next week (har har) because I can tie this into my homework for my 12 week summer school course. 🙂

I also started a reading group on Facebook called the “Summer Funner Reading Group” which is a monster within itself. I had no idea there would be such amazing response!! So many people talking about reading so many different books!! It’s neat! On my summer reading list:

Jane Eyre (in progress)

1984 (in progress)

The Hunger Games


John Muir’s “My First Summer in the Sierra Nevadas”

among other titles. Since I’m only working and taking 3 units, I have a lot of free time on my hands. There will be Rogue work done and I will sleep an ungodly amount of hours… also the bad chick flicks will be viewed (already in progress…. M. Cyrus, you madam cannot act!!). Oh, watched “Something Borrowed” and I don’t know WHY Hollywood is applauding affairs. The heroines in these movies nowadays want you to root for them when they are cheating on their husbands (Water for Elephants) or on their best friend (Something Borrowed). I seriously felt uncomfortable rooting for a chick who was causing hurt! Oh, well…. whatever sells, right???

Ok…. so no promises to blog consistently. I hope to blog about my journey through the 12 weeks… to be accountable and such. I’m not worried about readership, I cannot promise to read your blog so I don’t expect you to read mine. 🙂

So yeah… and such….