Hey party peoples!!! I’ve been busy busy busy but that’s nothing new. The IBC (also known as the Iron Bird Cafe) is about to reach the sft opening March 1st. The Rogue opening party is a week from today, March 4th and on March 5th The 2nd Rate is blowing it up at the Starline!!! You might remember the 2nd Rate cats from my b-day party a year and a half ago or so…. they are awesome! Definitely worth that come out and see! 🙂

The IBC is going well. Learning how to perfect espresso (and drinking WAY TOO much coffee!!!) and steaming milk. Working my butt off to get the new recipes down before we open Monday! Oy! I’ll be the morning barrista and serving it up to all you early birds from 5am (yes, that’s in the am! Oy!) to about 1pm. A long and fulfilling shift because I know all you Fresnans will be coming out to say hi!

The Rogue is happening. Finishing up the promo stuffs and making it happen! I can’t wait to see all the returning performers as well as meeting the newbies. It’ll be great.

So now, if you can’t tell be my disjointed stuffs… I’m on a caffine kick and should probably step away from the puter… Ha! 😉 I’ll be seeing all ya’ll out and about this next week at the IBC, The Rogue and the 2nd Rate Partay!!!