Well not really a Media Blackout as I watched tv most of the afternoon…. but I didn’t pick up my Crackberry once! I was needing to just ignore my responsibilities and the Rogue madness as of late and decided a full day without my connection to the outside world would be good. And you know what?? It was so nice to not have my phone go off every 5 minutes. It’s been such a crazy time, with the Rogue gearing up (well I’ve been all Rogue all the time for months now) and the Mardi Gras parade coming up, Super Bowl parties and the like! Oy Vey!

The Rogue Map is to the printer, I need to jump on the hospitality things and I’ve scheduled multiple meeting for the upcoming Festival. Performers are getting ready and settling down…. getting a 3rd venue secured took a TON of stress off! I have multiple meetings this week, a presentation to prepare for next week and little tasks to do in order to better prep everything.


I think I’ve sent out hundreds of emails today and am continuing the massive question and answer time period for those that don’t know Rogue. Oh yeah, I also need to write a 1500 word article for the Undercurrent…. ok, yeah I need to get in gear. Thank goodness for my one day and I’ll look forward to another one of those after March 15th.