The IBC, The Rogue and the 2nd Rate! Thursday, Feb 25 2010 

Hey party peoples!!! I’ve been busy busy busy but that’s nothing new. The IBC (also known as the Iron Bird Cafe) is about to reach the sft opening March 1st. The Rogue opening party is a week from today, March 4th and on March 5th The 2nd Rate is blowing it up at the Starline!!! You might remember the 2nd Rate cats from my b-day party a year and a half ago or so…. they are awesome! Definitely worth that come out and see! 🙂

The IBC is going well. Learning how to perfect espresso (and drinking WAY TOO much coffee!!!) and steaming milk. Working my butt off to get the new recipes down before we open Monday! Oy! I’ll be the morning barrista and serving it up to all you early birds from 5am (yes, that’s in the am! Oy!) to about 1pm. A long and fulfilling shift because I know all you Fresnans will be coming out to say hi!

The Rogue is happening. Finishing up the promo stuffs and making it happen! I can’t wait to see all the returning performers as well as meeting the newbies. It’ll be great.

So now, if you can’t tell be my disjointed stuffs… I’m on a caffine kick and should probably step away from the puter… Ha! 😉 I’ll be seeing all ya’ll out and about this next week at the IBC, The Rogue and the 2nd Rate Partay!!!


Catching UP Thursday, Feb 18 2010 

So I”ve been in training the last few day to work at a new coffee shop opening up. It’s called Iron Bird Cafe and will be the premiere host to Barefoot Coffee. If you know nothing about this coffee, go check out the website and see why I am SO super excited to be working with this company. I”ll be uploading pics of the cafe soon as well.

The Rogue is full steam ahead with only a few more things on my to-do list. Mardi Gras was awesomeness, the articles are done and sent off and I’m finishing up the housing stuffs. It’s good to feel that we’re moving right along and things are quickly getting done and taken care of. I’m excited to have everything falling into place.

Short post today, have to get back to work!

Perspective… It’s silly Wednesday, Feb 3 2010 

So I got Scarlett back from the shop and I realized I felt that I was sitting lower than usual. This was odd to me because she’s so tiny. She’s not really a big car at all. Of course she’s purring like a new baby and super happy to reach 4th gear, but I felt lower in the car. May I’m just used to riding around in Mountain-bot (Halo’s car) or maybe it’s just that I wasn’t in the car for a day and it made my perception different… I don’t know.

Anywho I was taking her on the freeway today and I realized that my head rest was higher than I usually have it. I fixed the positioning on my head rest and sure as shit…. I felt like I was right as rain in Scarlett. Weird huh? Perspective is a weird thing.

I think it’s interesting to be so involved with a project, say hmmmm like Rogue! While dealing with each individual task it’s feeling like nothing is getting done and there’s no progress. I can understand that I’m accomplishing a brand new task and not getting the usual work done that I used to do with my other tasks… but it’s different. Having meetings making to do lists… it’s all piling up and it seems that I won’t hit the end of my list in time. Prioritizing the deadlines are crucial in this sense because we have Press articles that need to be in to the Editor before they go to print. It’s a crazy crazy business. But when I look back on how much we’ve accomplished so far it’s amazing all the work that has already gotten done! So I guess when you’re feeling down and feeling like you’re running up a glacier and slipping, just take a step back and looka tt eh bigger picture and you’ll see how far you’ve really come!

One step at a time….

Rogue To Do List:

  • Undercurrent Articles
  • Community Alliance articles
  • housing assignments
  • mardi gras shopping
  • meetings
  • volunteer workshops
  • tech set up
  • closing party award do-dads
  • etc., etc., etc.

Much Needed Media Blackout Monday, Feb 1 2010 

Well not really a Media Blackout as I watched tv most of the afternoon…. but I didn’t pick up my Crackberry once! I was needing to just ignore my responsibilities and the Rogue madness as of late and decided a full day without my connection to the outside world would be good. And you know what?? It was so nice to not have my phone go off every 5 minutes. It’s been such a crazy time, with the Rogue gearing up (well I’ve been all Rogue all the time for months now) and the Mardi Gras parade coming up, Super Bowl parties and the like! Oy Vey!

The Rogue Map is to the printer, I need to jump on the hospitality things and I’ve scheduled multiple meeting for the upcoming Festival. Performers are getting ready and settling down…. getting a 3rd venue secured took a TON of stress off! I have multiple meetings this week, a presentation to prepare for next week and little tasks to do in order to better prep everything.


I think I’ve sent out hundreds of emails today and am continuing the massive question and answer time period for those that don’t know Rogue. Oh yeah, I also need to write a 1500 word article for the Undercurrent…. ok, yeah I need to get in gear. Thank goodness for my one day and I’ll look forward to another one of those after March 15th.