I’m studying for the Technician class of Ham Radio Licenses. It’s Scientific. I’m learning about how electricity behaves. It’s confusing. Possibly one of the hardest pieces of material I’ve had to read. It’s hard. But I’m going to get my license and understand what to do with it damn it!

The ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) puts out a handbook (not the one pictured to the left) that allows you to study for the license test and hopefully pass it with flying colors. The book is extremely helpful and has many references to their website. It’s nice to have multiple tutors and study guides at your convience.

I find that if I read the book with Halo, he is getting his Advanced Technician (level 3) license, he’s able to help me understand what I’m reading. Except we’re so busy right now it’s hard to have that sit down time at all. Plus it’s hard so I’m reluctant to avidly read it. What needs to happen is a bearing down and just plowing through the materials. I’ve found that I want to understand all the concepts I’m reading and they will be explained later and I’m not wanting to move forward thus stagnating myself in my learning process. It’s frustrating to not easily grasp a concept. Talk about Shakespeare or Donne or English sub textual communication and I could talk for hours. Talk about the Rogue and I could talk for days. Talk about Ham Radios and I’m lost after 5 minutes.


Just buck up and get through it, right?? Sure. There’s a lot of information to cover before the February 20th test. And with the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras coming up…. it’s going to take dedication and resolve to get through it.

Then there’s also the job hunt. The Iron Bird Cafe’s opening date is now pushed back to March 1st. I’ve littered the main parts of Fresno with my resume and applications and there’s nothing biting. I will be looking for a way to get student loans and maybe just hit up the school thing again. I need to talk to a counselor.

I feel like a slacker, a failure. It’s hard and maybe I’m not doing enough. This effects not only me, but those around me that expect me to be successful. Again…. it just takes bearing down and going for it. I guess I’ve been lazy long enough. It’s time to actually get serious and make something happen.