So… ok ok I’ve been putting this off for a while. Scarlett has had her check engine light on for a long long time. I haven’t exactly had the means to pay…. ok I”m lying it wasn’t a high priority for me. Scarlett ran ok, she just never hit 4th gear! My registration is up in February and I needed to get Scarlett smogged for the first time. That means I need to fix her so I can then get her smogged and then make my registration payment… easy right??

Dr. Dave is a mechanic and so I thought I was going to be smooth sailing. But Dr. Dave can’t work on Mazdas. Crap! I asked him to recommend me to someone trustworthy. I mean seriously, I’m a chick. I walk into a mechanic place and have the word ‘sucker’ across my forehead! I know NOTHING about cars and I don’t really understand too much about maintenance other than put gas in and change the oil. Dr. Dave sent my to his friend Russ at Auto Performance Lab. Wow, does Russ know his stuff. I asked him to look at the back breaks and see if they were in need of fixing because I hear noises back there when I break. And sure enough they do need replacing. And then the check engine light is on because of some dohickie that makes the sensor thingy transition over for my car and basically making it possible for Scarlett to reach 4th gear! I’m listening to Russ tell me about the cost and labor and diagnostics and hearing the cash register ring up. I was super worried that this would drain my bank account when there’s not much int here to begin with! But when it’s all said and done?? I’m getting outta there for under $400! Whew!!!

If you’re in Fresno I highly recommend going to Russ and letting him work on your car. He’s the MAN! Oh and if you have a GM go to Dr. Dave cause he rocks also!

A big Thank you to Marcel for picking me up at the shop, I was really honestly too lazy to walk from McKinley & Clark to Olive & Broadway.

Ok… so there… I blogged again!