Ham Radio??? Wednesday, Jan 27 2010 

I’m studying for the Technician class of Ham Radio Licenses. It’s Scientific. I’m learning about how electricity behaves. It’s confusing. Possibly one of the hardest pieces of material I’ve had to read. It’s hard. But I’m going to get my license and understand what to do with it damn it!

The ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) puts out a handbook (not the one pictured to the left) that allows you to study for the license test and hopefully pass it with flying colors. The book is extremely helpful and has many references to their website. It’s nice to have multiple tutors and study guides at your convience.

I find that if I read the book with Halo, he is getting his Advanced Technician (level 3) license, he’s able to help me understand what I’m reading. Except we’re so busy right now it’s hard to have that sit down time at all. Plus it’s hard so I’m reluctant to avidly read it. What needs to happen is a bearing down and just plowing through the materials. I’ve found that I want to understand all the concepts I’m reading and they will be explained later and I’m not wanting to move forward thus stagnating myself in my learning process. It’s frustrating to not easily grasp a concept. Talk about Shakespeare or Donne or English sub textual communication and I could talk for hours. Talk about the Rogue and I could talk for days. Talk about Ham Radios and I’m lost after 5 minutes.


Just buck up and get through it, right?? Sure. There’s a lot of information to cover before the February 20th test. And with the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras coming up…. it’s going to take dedication and resolve to get through it.

Then there’s also the job hunt. The Iron Bird Cafe’s opening date is now pushed back to March 1st. I’ve littered the main parts of Fresno with my resume and applications and there’s nothing biting. I will be looking for a way to get student loans and maybe just hit up the school thing again. I need to talk to a counselor.

I feel like a slacker, a failure. It’s hard and maybe I’m not doing enough. This effects not only me, but those around me that expect me to be successful. Again…. it just takes bearing down and going for it. I guess I’ve been lazy long enough. It’s time to actually get serious and make something happen.


Poor Poor Scarlett! Tuesday, Jan 26 2010 

So… ok ok I’ve been putting this off for a while. Scarlett has had her check engine light on for a long long time. I haven’t exactly had the means to pay…. ok I”m lying it wasn’t a high priority for me. Scarlett ran ok, she just never hit 4th gear! My registration is up in February and I needed to get Scarlett smogged for the first time. That means I need to fix her so I can then get her smogged and then make my registration payment… easy right??

Dr. Dave is a mechanic and so I thought I was going to be smooth sailing. But Dr. Dave can’t work on Mazdas. Crap! I asked him to recommend me to someone trustworthy. I mean seriously, I’m a chick. I walk into a mechanic place and have the word ‘sucker’ across my forehead! I know NOTHING about cars and I don’t really understand too much about maintenance other than put gas in and change the oil. Dr. Dave sent my to his friend Russ at Auto Performance Lab. Wow, does Russ know his stuff. I asked him to look at the back breaks and see if they were in need of fixing because I hear noises back there when I break. And sure enough they do need replacing. And then the check engine light is on because of some dohickie that makes the sensor thingy transition over for my car and basically making it possible for Scarlett to reach 4th gear! I’m listening to Russ tell me about the cost and labor and diagnostics and hearing the cash register ring up. I was super worried that this would drain my bank account when there’s not much int here to begin with! But when it’s all said and done?? I’m getting outta there for under $400! Whew!!!

If you’re in Fresno I highly recommend going to Russ and letting him work on your car. He’s the MAN! Oh and if you have a GM go to Dr. Dave cause he rocks also!

A big Thank you to Marcel for picking me up at the shop, I was really honestly too lazy to walk from McKinley & Clark to Olive & Broadway.

Ok… so there… I blogged again!

Out of Retirement? Thursday, Jan 21 2010 

I haven’t been on here in quite some time. Causes?? Life. Busy. Stress. And the whole I’m still not at a job where I sit in front of a computer for multiple hours a day. A reason for blogging today?? The horrendous experience at the DMV.

Ok so this started on the 19th. I had to renew my license before the 20th. I went to the DMV at 1:00 pm. Waited 2.5 hours to see someone only to find out that our wonderful court system did not process a payment to a ticket I made back in November. While sitting at the DMV I call the court and talk to someone about the situation. They show I have $0 balance and need to put it through their computer system to release the hold on my license. This takes me to 5pm on the 19th. I’m screwed. I have to go back the morning of the 20th. So I get up and am there at 8:30 am. I think I’m late snce they open at 8 am right??? NOPE! They don’t open until 9 am. So I’m standing in line for 30 minutes waiting for the doors to open. Mind you we’ve been having a storm of epic porportions and I’m standing in the rain. Oh and I also have to take a lovely id pic too…. argh! Finally, the doors open and I get my number. The clerk I talked to at the court system actually called me back (totally above and beyond if you ask me!) to apologize and there were computer glitches and such but don’t worry it’s all fixed. Cool I thought. So I’m waiting to see someone at the DMV and it takes about an hour. I see the same clerk that helped me on the 19th. Coolness. I take my written, pass. Take the pic, not too shabby. And I’m outta there.

I promptly get ready for my lunch date with the Dad and as I’m headed out a mishap of embarrassing proportions occurs. I will not delve into details, it was bad I’m leaving it at that. I’m now running late for my lunch and as I get on the (still raining) wet highway I merge into the fast lane to pick up some time and get pulled over by the UC I merged in front of. He says how I’m driving too fast in the rain and regardless of my proper blinker usage he had to “slam” on his brakes. Yeah Yeah. I apologize and tell him I though there was room. I’m not in hysterics, I don’t use an excuse, but I hand him my license that’s expiring. D’Oh! Ok so technically it’s still legal. So cool. I’m preparing to hand him my paper license renewal proof and he comes back and tells me he’s going to let me go. AWESOME! I make it to lunch on time and my lesson is learned.

Work…. well work yesterday was fun. I had a good time. And I loved all the people that came out and hung out. It was very nice to be around friends after a hectic day.

Oh yeah… if I forgot to tell you, yesterday was my Birthday.

In other news:

The Rogue is coming along. There has been many many snafu’s but we’re handling everything one at a time. It should be good and we’ll get everything all set for the beginning in March. Did you see the Muse?

Yeah, I like her. She’s going to look amazing on the T-Shirt. Cool!

Ok, so no promises on a regular posting or anything. Or maybe I’ll come back and be good about it…. who knows.