Ack!!! Tuesday, Sep 22 2009 

Rogue, Rogue, Rogue your boat…. actually it’s my boat. It’s work, work, work all the time, but it’s keeping me sane in that I haven’t gotten a full-time job yet. (still waiting for that phone call and I know there are 2 pending….timing is key) ARGH. But good news is we’ve found The Muse and the Artist is stoked to have her piece used for the project. We’ll unveil soon, promise! Applications are just around the corner and the days are quickly filling up with meetings or things to do to prep for the Festival. Yippee!

I’ve been hanging out and working as much as I can at the Grill and Starline. I’ll be there tonight for the Indie bands and such. It should be fun. Last night Pecha Kucha ROCKED my face. I loved serving that crowd. They were SO courteous to one another and when I was slammed, they weren’t annoyed with me, they waited their turn and even told me who was at the bar first. It was SO refreshing!!! Good job Pecha Kucha crowd!

Lots on my mind lately. Trying to find balance and working out mind, body and spirit more. I’ve felt lately that my spirit is broken and that sucks big time. So it’s through contemplation and meditation that I find balance and growth. It’s all about growing and trying to find a better path in life that enriches you and those around you.

Two weekends ago we were in Sacramento and saw the Capitol Air Show… pretty cool. Last weekend had a girlie day which was much needed. Saw Love Happens and had a fantastic cry. Weird how females can get together and really bond over silly things like crying at a sappy movie, and then spending way too much time in REI and in Barnes & Nobles. There’s still lots to do and more to write about, but I’m gross from my pilates workout and need a shower!

Love you all and I’ll be commenting on your blogs soon, promise.


Happy Labor Day!!! Monday, Sep 7 2009 

It’s that holiday weekend and we’ve been working hard. Rogue is fast coming and the Grill is great! I hope you all are having a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. 🙂

Muse Muse, who’s got the Muse??? Thursday, Sep 3 2009 

Well it’s that time again and we’re searching for a Muse for the Rogue Festival. Applications are up and coming (October 1st, eesh!). But I actually think we’ve found one, all I need is confirmation from Dr. O and Wonder Twin 2 and then it’s courting the artist. JOY!

Sleepy…. I want bed time. Work is up and coming though so it’s off to the shower to de-stink and then to perdify…

Oh and it’s official… bringing words back from my youth is on the circut. Dude, totally radical!