As much as I’d like to be I am not computer savvy.

I need help! I’m looking for an online application that is on wordpress and that will feed into a database. I want to decide what goes into the database. Can I create an application form? For the Rogue Festival, we are trying to revamp some stuff and I simply do not have the knowledge or wherewith all to be able to master this task. Grrr! Does someone out there have any suggestions. Whenever I search it, I get those silly apps…. thank you iPhone, you bitch.

Still on the job hunt. I’m looking for a full time job that will sustain me. I’m also needing to make sure I can get benefits somewheres. ::sigh:: I am extremely thankful to those of you that have sent warm wishes and positive thoughts. I’m hoping something will turn around here in the near future!

In the meantime, working the Grill and hiking and taking yoga and trying not to fall into the deepest darkest depression I’ve known in a while. It’s on the brink, but I don’t want to fall into the void. Thus the reason I’m babbling on like this. Forcing myself to get up and do something rather than the nothing I’ve allowed myself to do. I’ll be applying for the new Macy’s store that’s opening soon… we’ll see if maybe I’ll get a call back.

I had a really good interview a week or so ago, but my credit score is so shoddy that I wasn’t an eligible candidate for the job….SUCKS!

So…. onward and upward. Positive thoughts are much appreciated!