This morning I was in front of the Brass Unicorn at 9:45 am. There’s an hour long yoga class in the back room and it was absolutely amazing. I’ve never done yoga before but this class was perfect for those newbies (like myself) and those more experienced yoga-ists. It was a little intimidating because I know none of the poses, downward facing dog and such… but the instructor was really descriptive in her instructions so it was easy to follow. She lead the small class (one of the best things is that it was a small class, more intimate) through the different poses and stretches. My core was found and I was able to sluff off the stress of money woes and jobless worries and just focus on my inner health. It was really nice and I feel more balanced because of it. I highly recommend the class. The instructors are from Sister Yoga, so if you aren’t in the Tower, you can catch one of their classes.

I love Yoga!