Since I missed blogging Friday I have to add in a Da Count because I have been in a little bit of a rough spot and it’s those close to me that have offered their support that keep me going. After losing the job it was my friends and family that really helped me keep my chin up and they didn’t allow me to get sucked into the void of the “poor me pity party” that could have occurred. So to those that really stood up and helped me with words of encouragement, acknowledgment of actions and behavior, thank you. It’s your support and love that helps through this tough time.

We went hiking yesterday. It’s s Sunday tradition that I will fight to hold on to! This weekend we went to Florence Lake to check out the camp sites and to see if we could get to Jackass Meadow. We got to the lake and then drove around to get to the backside of the dam at Florence Lake. The dam is an interesting structure that has a completely unique architecture to it. It’s pretty awesome. Pics:

Florence Lake 003Florence Lake and dam

Florence Lake 010the view from behind the dam

Florence Lake 016backside of the dam

Florence Lake 017it was really big and cool looking

Florence Lake 023a cool waterfall

Florence Lake 028Fishing and lunch spot

Florence Lake 035we found Jackass Meadow

Florence Lake 047a view from the car around Kaiser Pass

Florence Lake 050On the way back we stopped by Portal Powerhouse and read about John Eastwood

This weekend wasn’t about a major hike (although there are plans to get a leg of the Half Dome hike in next week) but scouting campsites and relaxing. It rained on us again, although not as bad as last weekend! It was nice to get away and fine peace and solice in the mountains and the beauty of mother nature. Learning about John Eastwood was cool too, educational as well as peaceful. After we got back it was a quick shower and then off to CIRCA to work. It was Matt D.’s last night (and birthday) of DJ-ing and we will MISS HIM! The crowd was great and I was ti-red after work was done.

I’m still looking for a job, it’s rough out there and the competition is high, but I will not allow it to slow me down. I’m finding little prjects to complete, Rogue to work on and lots of things to get caught up on. So, sorry I’ve been MIA, but that’s life, no?