In the Kings National Forest we hiked a 4.6 mile 650 ft. gain to Mist Falls from Road’s End. It was a nice day, cloudy with 20% chance of thunderstorms. After a quick bite to give us energy, we started on the trail. We heard thunder bouncing from cloud to cloud and echoing off the peaks. We were putting ourselves at risk by hiking into a storm, but we did it anyway. It was beautiful and we got cold, on a day where Fresno hit a record 112 degrees! Good timing on our part, no?

Mist Falls 002

this is the trail head.

Mist Falls 004

a view from the hike

Mist Falls 007it was raining in the distance and the thunder was echoing

Mist Falls 010

the trail was beautiful with many different views

Mist Falls 013we hiked along the river for a bit, it was beautiful

Mist Falls 016these falls were down river from our final falls destination

Mist Falls 021had it not been raining, I don’t think we wouldhave seen this alpine river/run off

Mist Falls 026another down river falls with an impressive drop off

Mist Falls 029we came across this guy at Mist Falls

Mist Falls 031they were definitely misty! beautiful

Mist Falls 035after we made it to the falls it started pissing rain, so we stayed under some trees waiting it out. it didn’t let up completely and we knew we needed to get back to the trazil head before we got stuck. on the trail there is an exposed granite rock face, while thunder and lightening happens, you don ‘t want to be there. also we saw plumes of smoke and feared getting stuck behind a forest fire. we booked it out, completing the 4.6 miles in an hour.

Mist Falls 037we weren’t the only ones caught in the rain