dacountAh yes, the joys of live theatre. It’s pretty impressive when you imagine that each and every show has an unknown variable. There is always the tickle in the back of your mind regarding murphy and his law. But the show much go on!

Last night at As You Like It there were many little things that were handled well by the actors on stage. It was a fun evening to witness and be a part of. My hats go off to the cast for handling their unknowns so well. First, it was an understady night. One of the actors was out of town this weekend, so a new and different actor filled in. Sure, this is not all that uncommon, but still, it throws a little bit of a quirk in the game. Of course you have to deal with the peacocks and their sometimes seemingly on cue call. It’s fun to make fun of it, it’s a comedy, play with it. Oh and in the last few minutes when the sprinklers go off on your unsuspecting audience, pause and laugh, because it’s hilarious.

Yeah… good times to be had by all! 🙂