(1) When the bar is busy, don’t yell your drink out at the bartender, they are not listening to you, they are busy keeping multiple drink orders in their memory and tabulating cost.

(2) When the bartender gets to your order, DO NOT one up them as soon as your drinks are served, order everything you want in that round at once, or be prepared to wait your turn again.

(3) If the bartender is busy and you feel neglected, do not stand on the first rung of the bar stool and intently stare down the bartender while leaning over the bar. This is creepy and will only delay your drink order.

(4) If you are not old enough to consume alcohol, do not scoff at the bartender when you have to pay for water. This is a bar. Nothing is free.

(5) If the bartender is busy DO NOT shrilly whistle at the bartender. This will result in you being the absolute LAST person served just because you’ve annoyed and disrespected the bartender. We are not dogs. We are humans working to make sure you have a good time, please respect that.

(6) If it is hot in the club and you use napkins to wipe away sweat, please be health conscious and DO NOT leave your sweaty napkin on the bar! There is a trashcan not 5 feet away from you, that is the appropriate place to put it.

(7) If the bartender is covering for your favorite/friend/regular bartender, please do not instruct the unknown bartender on how to do their job. If they are behind the bar, usually they are competent enough to serve you.

Side Note: If the new bartender does not know how to make your particular drink, it is completely acceptable to tell the bartender how your prefer it, instead of requesting a new drink after a drink has been mis-poured.

(8) Do not ask the bartender “What’s good?” Or say “I want something sweet with a lot of alcohol that I cannot taste.” This is highly annoying. When the bartender actually makes you something sweet, do not complain about it. That is rude.

(9) All bars cater to the neighborhood you are in. If your normal haunt is in another part of town, do not expect your behavior to be cute or funny.

(10) Yes, Bartenders are there to serve you, but we are also responsible for what we serve you. In a bar the saying: “The customer is always right” DOES NOT apply. The bartender is liable for you if you get hurt or get in an accident. The bartender DOES NOT want to pay a fine for your irresponsibility, we probably couldn’t afford it anyway. So please remember that the bartender is human and please respect the rules.