So it’s been about 3 weeks and I havne’t exactly posted about the adventures we’ve had because I’ve lagged on uploading all the pics we’ve taken! I still don’t have everything from this last weekend, but I have enough to post.

Iron Lakes was amazing. I think I have posted about this, but now I have more pics!

HPIM0587This is the view from the hike in. We at about 8500-9000 ft. The air was thin but it was a great view!

HPIM0591The boys fished a little bit, although not long enough to catch anything.

HPIM0598We took a hike around the lake because we saw something in the distance…

HPIM0600An abandoned snowmobile!

HPIM0605The skies looked threatening so we headed out. Safety first!

On the drive back we hit up the Fresno Dome Campground to check out the spot and see if we wanted to camp there.

HPIM0611The view from the meadow was amazing! Seeing this made me want to climb it and see what I could see from the top.

The next weekend had us traveling to Kings and Sequoia National Parks for a trek to Zumwalt Meadow and Roaring Rapid Falls.

HPIM0618With all the recent storms we had the river was roaring from melted snow!


We hit up Road’s End and Muir Rock. It was a gorgeous day. But the pay off was Zumwalt Meadow. The pics speak for themselves and it’s a wonderful place! There’s a foot bridge to the different vistas of the meadow so tourists don’t destroy it.





Then it was off to hike to Roaring Rapid Falls. There had been a fire a season or two ago and in the forest from fire comes new life.


The Falls were beautiful! And it was a wonderful day hiking! Da Mommy was tagging along and she loved it.

The next weekend we were all set for camping! Yay! We were going to hit up the Fresno Dome campground but upon arrival IT WAS FULL! So we headed a little down the road and looked at Little Sandy and Big Sandy. We found a great spot in Big Sandy and set up camp. Karen our camp host was super nice. We chilled Friday night and woke up early for some BOMB breakfast (thank you and headed to the trailhead for Fresno Dome.

The hike was great and we had a wonderful time. From the top of the Dome you could see Oakhurst and all the way down to the Central Valley. It was a panoramic view that took your breath away!





HPIM0651Yeah it was pretty steep!

We hiked back down and went to a waterfall on the side of the road for lunch. Then it was naptime and relaxing until we were headed out Sunday morning.

On the way back down the mountain we passed by Nelder and decided to visit the Bull Buck. An amazing Sequoia that is so big it looks fake! Pictures don’t exactly do it justice. But this 2700+ year old tree is alive and well.


The next hiking adventure planned is Quartz Mountain and the Mist Trail. (not on the same day! oy!) We saw Quartz Mountain when we were on top of Fresno Dome and the Mist Trail is a must see in Yosemite!

Sorry for lagging, but hopefully the pics have made up for the amazing times we’ve shared over the past month. If you’re in Cali, GO HIKING!!! Be respectful of nature around you and always Safety First!