We packed up the Mountain Bot and went just up Highway 41 and hiked to Iron Lakes. We were trying the geo-cache-ing thing but that was at Bear Island and we didn’t know how to get to that lake. There are so many sub-alpine belt lakes up in the Sierras that it can be a little confusing. The boys had their fishing poles and we all hiked down to the lake (about 250 ft gain). It was different because although it was a short distant, the gain was really difficult to accomplish, we were at about 8500 ft and the air is super thin up there. We had to drive into this trail that was absolutely crazy, but the Bot totally rocked it! Halo drove incredibly well and kept us all safe.


Iron Lakes

Iron Lakes 2

Iron Lakes1

Saturday I went to REI and purchased new boots and man were they awesome! Of course breaking in boots can be painful (I have one blister on each of my big toes) but well worth it. I was helped out by a sales woman Patty at REI, she was great and totally helped me out! She was awesome to work with and really put in the extra work with me to make sure I had the right boot on. It was awesome.

In other sad news, a hiker was lost on Half Dome this weekend. It is very dangerous to go hiking on an extreme trail when there’s bad weather. Thoughts go out to his friends and family for their loss and for those on the Dome when it happened, may they recover from the shock. We need to learn from the mistakes from others and practice the most strict safety practices especially when hiking a potentially deadly trail.