Sunday we all packed up the Mountain-bot and headed back to Yosemite to bag us a peak! It was an iffy trip to begin with because there was a 20% chance of thunderstorms, and we didn’t want to get stuck on a peak during crazy weather. But the radar looked good so we headed up.

Taft Point, the Fissures and Sentinel Dome are accessible via the Glacier Point parking lot on the way to the Valley floor. The hike in its entirely is about 4.4 miles and there is no real gain. (Actually you feel like there is a gain but there isn’t, just a crazy 100 meter summit to the top of Sentinel Dome). On the way to Taft Point you’ll hit the Fissures which are absolutely stunning and dizzying! It’s a 3500 ft. drop off and you’re able to get right up to the edge.

taft1Here’s Dr. Dave and me laying on the edge, and we looked downfissures

It was quite breath taking to sit on top of Taft Point and see the Valley floor in its entirety. Such a great view! But the real monster of the hike was Sentinel Dome. Standing at 8,122 ft it is only 700 ft shorter than Half Dome. The vista from the top is amazing and even said to be better than the top of Half Dome.

Don’t believe me??




And when it was all said and done, I could look up at this

sentinel1and say “I’ve been on top of you!”