This weekend was (of course) filled to the brim with work and friends and gatherings and good eats.

Friday night the Grill was poppin and I re-discovered FARKLE which I will now be playing obsessively in order to beat my boss on Facebook! Yar!

Saturday was great, working in the day and then shooting over to a co-workers birthday party! It was great! When was the last time you were at a backyard party with BBQ and live music???

Speaking on live music, there was major representation of the 2nd Rate and they killed it! Check out the website and download (FOR FREE) albums from Howie Loots and Midi Mob. Mike Oz, Roque… I’m shouting these out to you guys! Check them out… home grown performers who literally play in our back yards!

Sunday we went to Yosemite and bagged Taft Point, the Fissures and Sentinel Dome… look for a post with pics on that later this week!

What did you all do this weekend??

Oh yeah, before I forget, tonight go to PECHA KUCHA