dacountWe, as humans, are not perfect. We make mistakes, fatal errors, silly missteps. When in life it is through our mistakes and missteps that we can learn how to be a better person. But the one thing is you gotta be a conscious critter about it. If you are not open to learning from your mistakes, you will be stuck in a cycle of repeating history and that can prove to be painful.

Being a conscious critter is made easier with a strong network of other conscious critters around you who are patient and willing to work with you, as long as you’re willing to stay conscious. Mistakes will continue to happen, we wouldn’t be human otherwise, but it’s the ability to forgive and move on that is Da Count worthy.

I am so entirely thankful for those people in my life that let me be human, encourage me to be a conscious critter and give me gentel guidance when I’m making mistakes. I appreciate the support those people continually give. So this Da Count is for all you Conscious Critters out there! Thank you!