dacountIt was cooler outside than inside last night and there was news of a Thunderstorm coming into Fresno. After dinner and ice cream (YES! I finally went and got what I was craving a while back!!! That’s Da Count worthy in itself!) we went back to the house and watched some Animal Planet. The door was open and sudden flashes of light were off in the distance.

We went outside and saw lightening flash, we could see the clouds light up. It was an odd time because you couldn’t yet hear the thunder, and it wasn’t raining. I remember years back lying on my bed with my mom and watching a thunderstorm pass by, it was beautiful. As the lightening was coming closer, your senses were engaging one at a time. You could see the lightening and clouds. Then came the smell of rain, that wonderful smell of wet dirt and rain. You could feel the gusts of wind rolling through the valley, blowing out the dust kicked up in the different fields. You could also feel the growing static in the air, the feeling of lightening about to strike and when it does, there was heat. Finally the storm reached Fresno and you could hear the rolling thunder in response to the cracking lightening. The storm dissipated as the thunderclouds collapsed on themselves leaving a less than expected rain (we thought it was going to be a gnarly violent storm) that helped us go to sleep.

It’s always neat to see nature in ways you don’t always get a chance to see. A local news station has pics you can check out of the storm, but here’s one to wet your whistle on: