Ok, so I finished the book yesterday and some thoughts….

Rebecca Bloomwood is totally clueless, in a kinda adorable way. She’s smart when she’s not thinking about it and I think Luke Brandon pegs her correctly in the book by saying “You’ve got imagination”. She does. She’s hopelessly lacking self control and it’s a little overboard in the first 200 pages of the book. I mean you really start to analyze your own spending habits reading this book wondering if those Target sprees are really any different (or at least that’s what Iwas doing). I found myself rooting for her though, I wanted her to get a hold of her life… and maybe there’s hope for her yet.

The obsession hasn’t hit as hard as the Twilight obsession hit, but it’s there. I want to read the other books in the series and see if she ends up with the guy and how she takes over Manhattan and all that jazz. So… it’s off to amazon to rouse up some book sales and get the series. Luckily I have Annals of a Former World to read through before all of that though.

I’ll of course watch the movie and report back to the similarities and differences of the book… after reading the synopsis of the movie, i think they are very different.

Oh and tonight, we’re going to try and make our own alfredo sauce for pasta! Yay! And Monday night we learned that you can put baking soda in a marinade, have it react with the acidic components already in the marinade and not have it ruin the meal! Yay!!!