star_trek_mirror_imagesLast night we went to see Star trek on the IMAX… it was cool. I continually misreferenced Star Trek and Star Wars… LOL. There was a trio of Trek fans (I wouldn’t say Trekkies though) who were ahead of us in the line and they kept on correcting me, which egged me on to make more jokes about it. Halo told me, if any of the Trekkies started to beat me up he’d watch… LOL.

The movie was cool. I burst into laughter when Dr. McCoy was introduced as a hypochondriac who is scared of space and flying. All the catch phrases from the series. The bad guy was thrillingly bad. I’m trying not to spoil anything in case you haven’t seen it yet, but it’s a very good flick. At times I thought the action was too jerky (camerawise) and fast that made my head spin, especially in the IMAX. But all in all it was a good movie and I really enjoyed certain performances (Scotty ROCKS!!!). 

dacountMy Da Count is those Star Trek fans that were able to  laugh at my mistakes and jokes, assume that Halo was taking me to the movie I had NO idea about (although I’ve seen all the Trek movies, I just couldn’t get Star Wars outta my head), and for an over all great movie. You gotta love a promised action packed movie that delivers.

Live Long and Prosper!