dacountSunday is MOther’s Day and so today I am counting Da Mommies. Not just my mommy (although she’s the best in the world!) but all the mommies I know. And I don’t think Mommy is a term that specifically means ‘to have a child’, I think a Mommy can be someone that is a nurturer, a healer, a listener, a friend and someone you can count on to be there for you in a special way. I know a lot of Mommies and I am very thankful for each and every one of them!

My Mommy: I love you and I appreciate that you are not just Da Mommy, but you are my best friend!

Lime: You are a wonderful Mommy and I hope those Limettes of yours truly appreciate you for the amazing woman you are!

Da Bartender: Yes, you are a Mommy to me and I love and appreciate you in all ways! Call me this weekend and we’ll hang out and maybe go get pedi’s Sunday??

APJ: You are a great Mommy and I love that you can be my dancing buddy and someone to smack me in line, thank you sweets!

And the Mommies I didn’t mention, you know I thin you’re kick ass and I love you all!!!