…last night the Giants beat the Cubs! Woot!!! If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll know the impartiality to the San Francisco darlings and their rag tag group of players, yes even that player. Last night Timmy pitched and man, it’s beautiful! His wind up and delivery is amazing and I’m totally stoked that Bengi totally got our team started with a 3 run yarder in the 1st! Woot Woot!!!

But the Disney moment did not come from my beloved Giants or the Cy Young winning Timmy, nope, it came from Bobby Scales. bscalesHe is a 31 year old rookie in the Major Leagues. Yup, he’s 31 AND a Rookie! It is truly amazing that he’s been playing ball for 11 years, working his way through farm teams, waiting for that call up. He finally got it and whadoyouknow L. Pinella put him in the game at second base. This is a dream come true for any ball player. (Not that I know this first hand but it’s a pretty safe assumption, no?) Anywho, Scales had a great game. He got his first Major League hit! (And they let him keep the ball, awesome!) And he made a spectacular diving catch to get an out and hold the Giants to a 6-2 win versus a true routing. The look on Scales face when he made it to first base was really awesome! I big deep breath and almost tears, you gotta love that! He stayed composed and kept his head in the game.

I’m not a Cubs fan, but that’s just good baseball! 😀

Ok. I would type more but I’m on some heavy meds and gettin a little woozy. Much love and GO GIANTS!!!!