EDIT & UPDATE: To see pics check out the photog’s MySpace page

Whew! It’s been one heck of a weekend!

Lilly is an awesome puppy, she’s so sweet and loving it’s wonderful and adorable! We had a great time taking care of her and the 2 kitties!

Work Friday and Saturday was good, busy, but good. It’s really becoming a routine with the working 13 days and off 1 day… sure brutal, but workable.

Circa’s 80’s Prom was awesome last night. Exhausted this morning, but the crowd was pumpin last nighth! So many people dressed up (and subsequentially kept me pouring drinks, so sorry no pics, I’ll post a link to the photog that was there once I get it), the music was all 80’s and the atmosphere was rad! It really was a great event and we’re trying to talk the organizers into doing this at least twice of not more times a year. It was great!

What did you do this weekend??