anastasiaTheatre Ventoux,  a wonderful cutting edge theatre group that’s taken a bit of a break but is back on track with this hard hitting courtroom drama.

There are many talented women in this cast and I can’t wait to see this show! Break Legs Ladies!!!

A description of the show from the Company:

The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women makes theatre history with
an interactive courtroom drama that engages the audience to serve as
both judge and jury. The play is shaped by the audience decisions to
overrule or sustain the attorneys? motions, and every night?s audience
sees a different play.

The Anastasia Trials is a farcical, but profoundly engaging excursion
into the hidden world of ethics for women who are both survivors and
perpetrators of abuse toward women. The format is a play-within-a-
play, where a radical feminist theatre company comes together in order
to perform a courtroom drama.

In presenting the play, the Emma Goldman Theatre Brigade has
instituted a new system to insure equal opportunity for the actors: a
lottery. As the women assemble to draw their roles from the hat for
the evening?s performance, sisterhood is put to the test. The
performance itself is a conspiracy trial against five women accused of
denying a woman her identity. The plaintiff is none other than
Anastasia Romanov, sole survivor of the massacre of the Russian
imperial family in 1918. The audience is required to serve as judge
and jury for the case, providing both rulings on the motions and the
final verdict.

The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women requires intense audience
participation, and the question of women betraying women is called for
every member of the audience.


Viva le Bullshit!!!  Happy Friday and I hope to see you out and about!