earthIt’s Earth Day and as I’m not the most Eco-conscious person, I do value the planet I live on. It’s interesting because it’s been in my relationship with Halo that I’ve really found a love for things in nature. He shows me rocks I would have never looked at and explains how they formed, we spend a lot of time outside (this weekend we’re planning on hiking in Hetch Hetchy, or fondly called Hiccup Packapy), watching Planet Earth was an amazing eye opener to how diverse everything is on this planet, and the unfortunate disintegration of our natural environment.

We both were watching Discovery Channel’s How the Earth Was Madeand saw a preview for the new Disney and Planet Earth movie that follows 3 families of animals, it’s definitely a must see. And if you go opening weekend, Disney will plant a tree for every ticket sold. I think that’s a very cool thing. It makes me remember how as a child we used to collect and save our pennies for my Grandma, Grandpa died of cancer when I was young and in his honor Grandma was a part of the “Pennies for Pines”, a company that allowed you to collect pennies and would donate acreage to the memory of a lost loved one and save the pines planted and growing on that land. I haven’t thought about that in a while and I should check and see where Grandpa’s trees are.

So, what are your Earth Day plans? Are you thinking about what you can do to help out the environment?

Today is also Administrative Professionals Day, so thank your local Secretary Administrative Professional!

Dr. Dave sent me this yesterday and Marcel, it made me think of you: