Sunday Halo and I tried Karsh’s because every Sunday they do Chicken & waffles. Yup you heard me correctly! klogoChicken and Waffles. It’s a way of cooking that started in Louisiana and then moved to Mississippi, then to New York and finally made its way over to California. Karsh’s is located in the Tower District and there are separate menus for the dinner crown during the week. Only Sunday is chicken and waffle day!  

Chicken and Waffles are the epitome of drunk food. Imean it’s bready and there are a ton of flavors possible. I had a grilled chicken caesar salad and the croutons were a garlic waffle. It was BOMB! Halo had a spicy waffle with a pork & rice sausage and gravy on the side. It was also very tasty. So many different choices and very reasonably priced!

Karsh’s is open from 10-10 on Sunday and they really have a great spread of different waffles and chicken wings. Drew was there to totally hook us up  with the great service and they played the Laker’s game (if you’re into that kind of thing). Go try them out!