We went camping at Kerckhoff Lake which is about 1,000 ft. above sea level. A trip that took about 45 minutes from Fresno to the campsite. It is early for camping as snow is still on the ground and our normal campsite is closed until May. So we decided to try out Kerckhoff. It was beautiful. Here is our campsite and notice how green it is! 101_05512This time of year was amazing to plan a trip around. The wildflowers were blooming, the weather was nice… well pretty nice after Friday. We left Fresno around 5:30 and followed a storm to the campsite. There were a few campers who were going with us already up there and they immediately told us of the rain! It was pretty brutal acutally. We were lucky enough to set up camp when it was dry. Halo picked up a tarp before we left so the tent wasn’t just on the ground. Friday night came and it started pouring! It was really something. We were able to set up a canopy that Dr. Dave was brilliant enough to bring up and it was the life saver. I learned a very important lesson about canopies and fires though, when the rain pools and drips into the fire, do not under any circumstances hit the under side of the canopy to splash out the water because it will land immediately in the fire! LOL… yeah I made a huge mistake, but Dr. Dave did it too and both times Halo was able to get the fire going again!

Saturday and Sunday were great! 101_0550Saturday we went fishing… well the boys went fishing and I sat in a chair and read a book with Da Bartender. She and Halo were looking at the different Flora and Fauna around the lake. Deciding what was really poison oak and what Lupine looked like. It was a nice relaxing day by the water. It sprinkled a little here and there but the rain storm from Friday was long gone. Saturday night Dr. Dave made bomb meat & potato grill packets and we ate and drank the night away. Sunday, Easter as it was, found us rising early and packing out pretty early. Halo and I were hungry and in need of something not pre-packaged, so we left around 11am. It was great getting back, showering, doing laundry, watching movies and just all around hanging out. It was fun.

A successful camping trip with wonderful people! Halo and Dr. Dave will camp sometime in May and I’ll be planning a camping trip with Da Mommy and the crew in June. It is gearing up to be a wonderful summer of camping!