Ok ok I know I can find something to be thankful about.

(1) Easter, this is cool. I’m super stoked about it cause I’ll be camping and not having to go through uncomfortable and sometimes tense situations with the fight over going to church or not with the fam.


(2) It’s almost someone’s birthday and I am so very happy about it, I hope #8 will be a great year for him.

(3) So salve my bruised, beaten, sorry excuse for a money making machine ass after getting my taxes done yesterday (I owe how much?!? in 4 figures?!? Where the eff am I going to get that kind of money?!?) We are going camping!  HA Uncle Sam, you and your tax raping machine cannot keep me down! And eff you for telling me that I was going to get a break this year because I’m a single white female that has no financial means to save ANYTHING! Eff You!

(4) That last rant felt incredibly good. So there, I am counting the fact that I have a blog and I can rant and I can go camping and I am celebrating Easter my way! Ha!


Oh yeah and I’m going to Da Count This Guy for showin me some blogger love! Thanks Dude… I think you rock too!