The Giants rule!

Ah yes this is a good sign but hardly means anything come October… I love me some Giants baseball though.

Check out the BeeHive’s celebration of Opening Day with the mark of a 20 year anniversary of the GREATEST BASEBALL MOVIE EVER!!!! And Dr. Snackmissioner would agree with me I think.

It’s raining again. It absolutely pissed down rain last night. So much that I was freaked out by the thunder and lightening. I am not a wuss, but to be woken up with your room absolutely bright white and then feeling, not just hearing but feeling, a house rattling BOOM of the thunder… yeah. I freaked out and Halo had to comfort me back to sleep. It was bad.

This morning I was driving through an underpass that was flooded and a City of Fresno truck  plowed through the water therefore drenching my vehicle. Thanks ass wipe! Oh and there was even still hail on the ground that hadn’t melted yet. No reports of any tornado activity, but this was one massive fuck-off storm.

Happy Wednesday.