birthdayI absolutely adore my friend, Da Bartender! She’s one bad ass chick that will kick your ass or be the sweetest person ever! She is my comrade, my partner in crime, the chick I can go to when I’m being uber female… she’s one of my bestest friends ever!

I love that our male counterparts get along, they went fishing yesterday and we were left wondering when they would be home! It was great! we were going to gouge on pizza but both fell asleep! LOL!!

She’s a beautiful spirit who really cares about those she is close to. I am truly blessed to have her in my life and count her as my friend! She’s wonderful at doing the little things in friendship. She is caring and compassionate. We both had similar backgrounds and when something strikes us funny we can share in the laugh of the past.

I can’t wait to go camping next weekend with her and her hubby! 🙂 She’s kick ass! I Lovey Dovey her!

dacountGoing shopping, getting pedis, it’s a blast! I chose to Da Count m friend Da Bartender this week because she’s so amazing and wonderful!!! And I have a feeling I’m not the only one that thinks this way!

Happy Friday!