berryI am a tea fanatic. I love tea. It’s the preferred breakfast beverage for me. I love hot tea, iced tea and even tea infusions. There’s less caffine and I like that attribute. Teas are so full body flavored, like this Bavarian Wild Berry tea, it’s nice and punchy. There’s a definite berry kick to it that tangs in your mouth.


greenI love green tea too. The amazing flavor of the mandarin off sets the sometimes bitter taste of this green tea. It’s a perfect blend that substitutes the need for honey. I had two cups of this tea this morning and it’s such a wonderful way to wake up.  



mangoI tried this White tea for the first time yesterday and immediately took it home so I can brew a batch of iced sun tea for Halo. The mango and peach flavoring in this tea makes such a wonderful passion tea that’s a perfect chiller for the hot summer. The actual tea is made up with lemongrass and orange leaves so it’s a light and airy tea with wonderful flavoring.


redThis Red tea is my favorite in the winter time around Christmas. The strawberry and passionfruit blend is just right, sure there’s a tang to it but the strawberry flavoring is amazing. I love the coloring of this tea as well, it’s very festive for the winter holidays and a wonderful way to warm up in the morning.


I love the Lipton Pyramid teas because the tea is infused with real dried fruit pieces. It’s amazing how the fruit flavor comes through once rehydrated. The pyramid shape is for a more even brewing of the tea in your pot or cup. These four flavors above are my favorite teas, so the next time you’re in the supermarket and you’re hankering for some tea, try one of these out!