…that congregates at the Starline Grill every weekday afternoon around 5 pm to watch their favorite trivia game show. Do you know what I am talking about??

cash-cabCash Cab is a semi-new trivia game show that takes place in a taxi cab in New York. The questions are general knowledge, you can play as long as you’re answering the questions correctly. 3 strikes and you’re let out of the cab regardless to location of the cab at the time. You have 2 shout outs, a phone shout out and a street shout out, to get help on a question you might not know. And at the end there’s a double or nothing video question. One of the fun perks is the Red Light Challenge as well.

Cash Cab is on Discovery channel and its popularity is growing fast and creating quite the stir. If you aren’t in the know come down to Starline Grill for a drink, an appetizer and some fun trivia.

Oh and see if you can beat Alan or Jay (they are the kings of Cash Cab).