and found that it was wrong. Yes, I admit I can be rash and hot headed. If you’ll remember my post right before the election in November I was none to happy about W. being released. You know, this movie:

wI was upset at the timing of the movie because I thought it was a Hollywood Leftist Democratic ploy to skew the voting process. I felt indignant against the movie and Oliver Stone for positioning as he bashed the President. My philosophy is that the job of the President is one that garners respect, period. You can agree and disagree but you must respect the Office.

And then yesterday Halo, Dr. Dave and I watched the movie. I was wrong.

The movie jumps chronologically between the present day where W. is the President deciding whether or not to go to war with Iraq and his younger years. There’s a few scenes with Bush Senior and the constant search W. makes of approval from his father is a very real theme carried throughout the film.

The DVD is also a DVD-ROM and cites the knowledge Oliver Stone uses in this film. Halo had seen Bush’s War a PBS special on the politics that weighed in the war and the policies effected in doing such. From what Halo said Stone’s film is very close to what the documentary said.

The surprising thing about the film is that I came away feeling sorry for W. I felt bad for him in that he never lived up to his father’s potential and he wasn’t a blabbering idiot as the media portrayed him to be but a quiet egotistical asshole type. The film follows the rise of different political figures who were crucial in the Gulf War (Cheney and Powell) and also high ranked politicians after 9/11. With the rise of the GOP and their power mongering ways, the seperation of powers pretty much fell by the way-side. The Executive branch of Government is too powerful and W. fell victim to a power greedy cabinet that allowed for him to be seen as a war monger but in reality he was just the mouth piece.

The actors playing in the film were ok. Brolin’s depiction of W. is pretty well done. He’s not parodying the man, he actually really grasped on to some of the mannerisms and inflections in vocal tone that are spot on to the man himself. The actress playing C. Rice was GOD AWFUL… I mean worse than any SNL actor that’s ever played C. Rice. Ugh! She was Horrid! I would have cast someone else in Powell’s and Rumsfield’s roles… but they were ok for what it was worth.

Here’s the IMDB     

All in all I was impressed by the nature of the film. It was not satirical or parody and the story line intentionally overshadowed the major events during the time (9/11, the recount Chad fiasco, etc.). I think it’s a good movie to watch and to have discussions on regarding the fact versus fiction depiction of the last 8 years of our nation’s history.