big_smileI have been a very bad patient when it comes to my teeth. It’s had been about 8 years since I had gone to the dentist. This is for a few reasons. Insurance and money being a primary one, then the knowledge that it had been so long that I was embarrassed in the state of my teeth and finally, I’ve had some bad experiences with dentists. Bleeding gums, hygienists yelling at me because  I ruined the flouride treatment and just an overall insensitivity to the whole “fear of going to the dentist” thing entirely. I stopped going. I brushed my teethmost of the time but I didn’t floss, I had a permanent retainer from when I had braces in Jr. High and it was causing problems. So… I was more inclined to going to the dentist to finally right my smile than before whem Halo went to the dentist and came back with a glowing report.

The Bullard Dental Group is a new state of the art facility that is way awesome! Nice clean modern waiting room, wonderful front office staff that’s informative and also nice to chat with. The x-rays were practically painless (mind you I have an extremely sensitive mouth) and instantaneous… it was so cool to see the x-ray pop up on the computer screen just like digital pictures do. And then there was the major feats of my phobia:

(1) the scrapping of plaque and tartar was simply unbearable! But wait, there’s no scrapping involved? As I clenched my mind closed I had to ask the dentist to repeat what he said. Nope, no scrapping because he has a cool jack hammer like water pique that blasts everything away. This new machine is revolutionizing the dentist industry and it’s way better than those picks and scrappers.

(2) cleaning around the retainer that holds my bottom teeth straight continually since 1993. This is a major hassle that usually ends up with me cringing and bleeding and shell shocked. But it was simple. The dentist took it out. Nope, no reason for it to still be in my mouth and with 2 simple snaps it was gone.

(3) gums, yes through the 8 years of my lack of dentist visits I had gum disease. The cool little jack hammer like water pique took care of that too! All in one and with only a little bit of uncomfortability.

Oh, and might I add, the dentist said if I needed him to he’d knock me out and all this crazy world would drift away on a sigh, but I chose to stay lucid.

(4) Cleaning done, time for the flouride which not only tastes like crap it also stings the crap out of my mouth for hours on end. Huh? You’re giving me Crest minty fresh mouth wash? That’s it? Sweet!

My gums being sick and sensitive I did bleed, but with the water pique it was washed away and I didn’t have to deal with it all that much. Oh yeah, they brought out a warmed towlette that had lavender in it to sooth my face and mouth muscles and clean me up.

 So final diagnosis after being absent for a while. 2 baby cavities to be filled next week and a deep cleaning in 2 stages to make sure my gums are brought back to their normal state of being. Not too bad.

I would recommend this dentist group to anyone in Fresno, especially if you’re afraid of the dentist. They are very nice and very cool.