fresnoI’ve been asked many times if I was born in Fresno. I wasn’t, I was born in San Francisco but my family moved here in 1989. As an actress, albeit by hobby, Fresno really doesn’t offer my passion as a full time paying gig. This causes me to work where I can and make enough money to indulge my theater habit, yes, I say habit because it’s something I cannot put down. The automatic question then comes up, why don’t you go to Hollywood or San Francisco or New York to act? My answer, as soon as I have to act I’ll lose my love for it. I’d much rather enjoy it for what it is and not rely on it to make my way through this world.

Still the question will pop up, Why Fresno?

Frankly, Fresno’s got everything. it’s affordable, a short drive away from the beach or mountains. There’s culture and diversity in Fresno that incomparable to any other city I’ve been to, and I love it. Yes, I even love the freezing (for us left coasters) and the horrid heat. I love Fresno.

I love the rogue, Fresno Bee, Blogging with other Fresno bloggers, the community that has welcomed me and my thoughts/ideas with open arms. Fresno is a place where I can belong.

Will I stay in Fresno for the rest of my life? Depends. But I will always be an advocate for Fresno and the wonderful opportunities it has allowed me!