LOL… is that something like Rick-Rolled??? Ok… check out the new digs over HERE and see what the big deal is.

Pecha Kucha was a success last night! The bar was rockin, the presenters were talking about very interesting topics, the room was Twittering, yeah all in all it was a very interesting evening! Look out for the next Pecha Kucha Night June 8th!

Also, I’ve finished reading The Watchmen and now it’s time to go see the movie and compare. I’ll be blogging about it once I’ve convinced Halo to come see a movie with me! 


The next project to read?? Atonement


This should be interesting because I’ve seen the movie already. So maybe it’s a little backwards, but I thin kit’ll be fun to see how the books compares to the movie which I expected to cry at and came away dry eyed.