dacount1A good friend is leaving, and not by his choice either. In this economy it’s hard to see your friends be effected and in this case it’s a rough one. With the birth of the internet and the availibility to have information at your fingertips, newspapers (in print that is) are becoming obsolete. This is hard because the Fresno Bee has something really cool about it, The BeeHive. As a blogger and commenter, one grows accustomed to the particular posts from the different bloggers.  Will was unique because he started out with vodeos and then jumped in with sports and really made some amazingly honest and open blogs about Fresno.

willWill has become a friend. He was one of the writers and directed “Shakespeare is an Idiot” which premiered last year at the Rogue Festival. His tales of his pets, dancing at the Falcons (RIP) game and even his slightly weird obsession with Parker from the Grizzlies… you never knew what you were going to get, but you know it would be funny.  Will loves Florida, his home state, and he went to the World Series to watch the Tampa Bay Rays play. The posts with his dad are great! Will’s love for the Big Lebowski almost got me into bowling myself. You can just tell by reading Will’s posts that he has a zeal for life and enjoys a lot about it.

So in his Last Act of Journalism Will says good bye.

The Da Count this week is friendship. Will’s is definitely one that’s more than worth counting! Thank you for being a wonderful friend!