chokebookchokeposterIt is very rare to have a movie be close to a book’s  story line. In the movie Choke the sick and twisted story line from Chuck Palahniuk’s book is played out. This is not surprising due to the fact that Palahniuk’s writing is perfect for the silverscreen, look at Fight Club (if you have’t read the book and seen the movie, they are spot on). Of course not everything can work out, sometimes what’s in our heads as we read a novel is not what the screen writer sees, not everything can be played out in detail… it’s up to the adapter to make sure the work stays valid.

I love Palahniuk, I love his works and I’m becoming a big fan of those he picks to do his movies. They are really something. If you’re into the off kilter, the strange, the kind of movies that leave you with a “WTF” moment at the end, I highly suggest Palahniuk.

I’m not too sure if Halo or Dr. Dave liked the movie last night, but hey… it’s something new.