Well, it’s done.

Almost done actually… we still need to debrief. An important aspect of the Festival where the managers get together say “Here’s a problem I encountered and here’s a suggested solution” so we can continue to grow and make the Festival better each year.

This year was a unique year for me, unlike any Rogue Festivals before. I’m not sure if that’s because I tool on so much, or if I know it’s my last year of wearing multiple hats or if I was just wanting to jump ahead and get on to next year’s Jayne & Renee show… I don’t know.

Reflections? Oh I have a great many. I saw problems and I am buzzing with possible solutions but… I have to wait for my co-horts to be ready to hear what I might suggest so we can discuss and either put it in or put it in the trash. I am very opinionated about some things that happened this year and I truly feel that there’s an appropriate time and place for those things… sharing it with you in the blogging community is not the best place. So… as new things come up I’ll write more, but until then, it’s the Thank yous:

Halo: you are my calm and balance and you truly helped me this year maintain a do-able stress level. I know that I couldn’t have been as calm as I was without you!

Charlie: You kick ass chica!!! Thank you for all your work and help! You were so amazing in keeping the venue together when I had to work!

APJ: I love you!

The managers: Thank you for sticking with it and working on making this year one of the best yet!

The performers: I know I didn’t get to see a lot of your shows, but thank you for your art. It truly makes the Festival better!

The audience: YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!