r1After a night of relaxation and nothing Rogue I can actually think about this last weekend and make reflections.

I love the Rogue. I always forget the feeling that the Rogue brings. Whenever I see or am a part of a standing ovation, I kinda tear up a little. Yeah yeah… I’m a softie. I love the out of town performers that come in, those I know from previous years and those I get to meet this year. I can’t wait to be able to sit and hang out and just relax with them. I’m spoiled because I’ve gotten to talk with them since October so when we see each other in person it’s like we’ve been neighbors for months!

The audiences have been great this year. There’s been more sell out shows than the first weekend last year and the audiences can’t stop gushing about the shows they are seeing when walking to another show! It’s SO wonderful!

I am tired. I am stressed out. I am a worry bug. But the Rogue is happening and everything is moving forward. This is a good thing. 🙂

I can say that without a doubt I am very much so looking forward to dropping my titles this year and just focusing on Producing the Festival with APJ. It will be nice to just have to carry that one thing versus the many ones I have this year. Charlie, Steve and Jesus have been Awesome! I love them dearly and I appreciate the work they are willing to put into the Festival and particularly Starline. Halo is a trooper, being supportive when I just look at him wanting to scream in stressful frustration. He looks at me and tells me to handle it and it gets me in “game face” mode. he’s even enjoying the shows he’s seeing! We’re going to see shows together tomorrow and Thursday and then it’s back to game time on Friday!



What’s new with you??