Milk, the movie Tuesday, Mar 31 2009 

milkI am not usually a fan of Sean Penn, not for this dude’s reasons, but because I never seem to connect with his characters. I think he’s always morose and his off screen temper tantrums are highly unattractive. Actors who are prima donalds are a pain in the ass back stage! Ugh! That being said, this weekend Halo and I watched Milk and I’m still reeling.

Milk is a bio-pic of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician voted into public office. He was assassinated in 1978 by fellow politician Dan White. Milk was a highly charismatic and highly controversial public figure who came onto the scene with the establishment of the Castro District, in San Francisco, as a safe haven for homosexuals. The story follows Milk’s rise from 1970 to his death and even showed the amazing response his memorial garnered, 30,000+ marchers holding candles. Milk follows the unsuccessful relationships, campaigns, the speeches and the call for all to come out, and even the doggie poop legislation.

I talked to my mother about watching the film and she told me about the climate at the time in San Francisco. My mother lived there with her family and the nightly news was often plastered with Milk’s press genius ways. My mother remembers the Twinkie Defense and the White Night Riots. It was very interesting to listen to her view point as a youth growing up in such a havoc filled environment. Change is never easy and the people of San Francisco were fighting for and against change constantly.  

As a heterosexual, the movie was a little uncomfortable to watch, there are many sex scenes and I wasn’t expecting or anticipating it. In talking with Halo I had to recognize how someone that is homosexual must feel going to a movie where there are many heterosexual sex scenes, I mean that has to be uncomfortable. It was nice to be taken out of my comfort zone and shown where I could be more sensitive.

The movie parallels the fight that went on most recently with the Proposition 8 vote. In the movie, Milk fights a Proposition 6 (which would fire all homosexual teachers and supporters of those teachers) based on civil liberties. There was such fear, bumper stickers of “Save Our Children, Vote Yes on Prop. 6” were spread all up and down California. The fear was the recruitment of children to a lifestyle that was deemed evil. The vote was a statewide vote, not just a county, and one time Gov. Ronald Reagan and Pres. Jimmy Carter both spoke out against Prop. 6. The response was amazing and the political fight was brutal. While watching the movie I noticed the distinct similarities with Prop. 8 that came to ballot in this most recent election. The fight of the Christian right versus those that think civil rights should be extended to everyone regardless of sexual preference. Milk’s battle with Prop. 6 was a success. California’s battle for Prop. 8 was not. And I think it’s because we can’t really name a figure head who fought the proposition. There were many arguments that came out against Prop. 8 but there was not one leader of the fight. In any organization there needs to be someone that heads up the group, represents the needs of their people, who is the leader of the GLBT community?

There is one group that I know about that’s actually working on making a difference and fighting the Prop 8 passing, Meet in the Middle is a Fresno organization that is willing to fight this horrid injustice. Now is not the time to be apathetic. Now is the time to be active and fight for those rights that you deserve. I was particularly impressed that in their next meeting, Meet in the Middle will have a phone conference with Cleve Jones, one of the main characters in Milk. Jones is the creator of the AIDS Memorial Quilt and continues to advocate for change.

I would recommend watching Milk, what was uncomfortable at first really made an impact in the end. The performances by the actors were superb, yes, even Sean Penn’s… there’s no doubt about his deserving the Academy Award for this performance. The story is one that resonates today and maybe Harvey Milk will inspire this new havoc of a political environment in California to change.


Halo and I will be… Thursday, Mar 26 2009 

Watching this sneak peak tonight with the BeeHive as I actually won tickets! monstersaliensposter10

I hope it’s a good movie 🙂

Brew It Up! Wednesday, Mar 25 2009 

berryI am a tea fanatic. I love tea. It’s the preferred breakfast beverage for me. I love hot tea, iced tea and even tea infusions. There’s less caffine and I like that attribute. Teas are so full body flavored, like this Bavarian Wild Berry tea, it’s nice and punchy. There’s a definite berry kick to it that tangs in your mouth.


greenI love green tea too. The amazing flavor of the mandarin off sets the sometimes bitter taste of this green tea. It’s a perfect blend that substitutes the need for honey. I had two cups of this tea this morning and it’s such a wonderful way to wake up.  



mangoI tried this White tea for the first time yesterday and immediately took it home so I can brew a batch of iced sun tea for Halo. The mango and peach flavoring in this tea makes such a wonderful passion tea that’s a perfect chiller for the hot summer. The actual tea is made up with lemongrass and orange leaves so it’s a light and airy tea with wonderful flavoring.


redThis Red tea is my favorite in the winter time around Christmas. The strawberry and passionfruit blend is just right, sure there’s a tang to it but the strawberry flavoring is amazing. I love the coloring of this tea as well, it’s very festive for the winter holidays and a wonderful way to warm up in the morning.


I love the Lipton Pyramid teas because the tea is infused with real dried fruit pieces. It’s amazing how the fruit flavor comes through once rehydrated. The pyramid shape is for a more even brewing of the tea in your pot or cup. These four flavors above are my favorite teas, so the next time you’re in the supermarket and you’re hankering for some tea, try one of these out!


There’s a Following… Tuesday, Mar 24 2009 

…that congregates at the Starline Grill every weekday afternoon around 5 pm to watch their favorite trivia game show. Do you know what I am talking about??

cash-cabCash Cab is a semi-new trivia game show that takes place in a taxi cab in New York. The questions are general knowledge, you can play as long as you’re answering the questions correctly. 3 strikes and you’re let out of the cab regardless to location of the cab at the time. You have 2 shout outs, a phone shout out and a street shout out, to get help on a question you might not know. And at the end there’s a double or nothing video question. One of the fun perks is the Red Light Challenge as well.

Cash Cab is on Discovery channel and its popularity is growing fast and creating quite the stir. If you aren’t in the know come down to Starline Grill for a drink, an appetizer and some fun trivia.

Oh and see if you can beat Alan or Jay (they are the kings of Cash Cab).

So I Jumped To A Conclusion Monday, Mar 23 2009 

and found that it was wrong. Yes, I admit I can be rash and hot headed. If you’ll remember my post right before the election in November I was none to happy about W. being released. You know, this movie:

wI was upset at the timing of the movie because I thought it was a Hollywood Leftist Democratic ploy to skew the voting process. I felt indignant against the movie and Oliver Stone for positioning as he bashed the President. My philosophy is that the job of the President is one that garners respect, period. You can agree and disagree but you must respect the Office.

And then yesterday Halo, Dr. Dave and I watched the movie. I was wrong.

The movie jumps chronologically between the present day where W. is the President deciding whether or not to go to war with Iraq and his younger years. There’s a few scenes with Bush Senior and the constant search W. makes of approval from his father is a very real theme carried throughout the film.

The DVD is also a DVD-ROM and cites the knowledge Oliver Stone uses in this film. Halo had seen Bush’s War a PBS special on the politics that weighed in the war and the policies effected in doing such. From what Halo said Stone’s film is very close to what the documentary said.

The surprising thing about the film is that I came away feeling sorry for W. I felt bad for him in that he never lived up to his father’s potential and he wasn’t a blabbering idiot as the media portrayed him to be but a quiet egotistical asshole type. The film follows the rise of different political figures who were crucial in the Gulf War (Cheney and Powell) and also high ranked politicians after 9/11. With the rise of the GOP and their power mongering ways, the seperation of powers pretty much fell by the way-side. The Executive branch of Government is too powerful and W. fell victim to a power greedy cabinet that allowed for him to be seen as a war monger but in reality he was just the mouth piece.

The actors playing in the film were ok. Brolin’s depiction of W. is pretty well done. He’s not parodying the man, he actually really grasped on to some of the mannerisms and inflections in vocal tone that are spot on to the man himself. The actress playing C. Rice was GOD AWFUL… I mean worse than any SNL actor that’s ever played C. Rice. Ugh! She was Horrid! I would have cast someone else in Powell’s and Rumsfield’s roles… but they were ok for what it was worth.

Here’s the IMDB     

All in all I was impressed by the nature of the film. It was not satirical or parody and the story line intentionally overshadowed the major events during the time (9/11, the recount Chad fiasco, etc.). I think it’s a good movie to watch and to have discussions on regarding the fact versus fiction depiction of the last 8 years of our nation’s history.

Da Count: Da First Day of Spring Friday, Mar 20 2009 

dacount2That’s right, today is the first day of Spring, although in Fresno we’ve been in the 70’s for a little while now. It’s the perfect time of year, not too hot, not too cold and the sun just starts to set around 7:30. It’s so nice. With the weather getting nicer and the days lasting longer there’s only one thing that comes to mind.


Yup, it’s BBQ season! Halo and I have started on a let’s cook at home kick with suggestions from and last night’s first round with the grill. We went shopping for food stuffs and decided that last night we’d crack that cast iron fire breather open and offer up some honey mustard chicken to the BBQ gods. And let me tell you… it was BOMB! Ok… I know the slang is retro now, but dang it was some tasty bites! Here’s the recipe:

  • 1/3 cup Dijon mustard
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 1 teaspoon steak sauce
  • 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves

I couldn’t find the steak sauce so I substituted with honey BBQ sauce and it was great! Also I doubled the recipe because I love to have extra sauce. Halo was outside with Dr. Dave scrubbing down the grill and oiling it while I was inside making the sauce. I set the chicken in the goop and placed in the fridge until the grill was ready. You cook it for about 20 minutes and baste during the last 10.

The chicken was super juicy and we chose a chicken rice side to go along with it. Yum!

There’s nothing like the smell of BBQ, the taste is just right and it’s a summer staple in this area. You really can’t go anywhere on a Saturday afternoon without smelling someone cooking something on the Que.

I remembered to take a picture after the chicken was on the grill:

hmchickTonight we’re attempting some bacon wrapped hamburgers! I’ve been salivating over them for weeks and we’re gonna try them tonight! wish us luck!

Happy Friday and Happy Da Count!

I went to the Dentist today… Thursday, Mar 19 2009 

big_smileI have been a very bad patient when it comes to my teeth. It’s had been about 8 years since I had gone to the dentist. This is for a few reasons. Insurance and money being a primary one, then the knowledge that it had been so long that I was embarrassed in the state of my teeth and finally, I’ve had some bad experiences with dentists. Bleeding gums, hygienists yelling at me because  I ruined the flouride treatment and just an overall insensitivity to the whole “fear of going to the dentist” thing entirely. I stopped going. I brushed my teethmost of the time but I didn’t floss, I had a permanent retainer from when I had braces in Jr. High and it was causing problems. So… I was more inclined to going to the dentist to finally right my smile than before whem Halo went to the dentist and came back with a glowing report.

The Bullard Dental Group is a new state of the art facility that is way awesome! Nice clean modern waiting room, wonderful front office staff that’s informative and also nice to chat with. The x-rays were practically painless (mind you I have an extremely sensitive mouth) and instantaneous… it was so cool to see the x-ray pop up on the computer screen just like digital pictures do. And then there was the major feats of my phobia:

(1) the scrapping of plaque and tartar was simply unbearable! But wait, there’s no scrapping involved? As I clenched my mind closed I had to ask the dentist to repeat what he said. Nope, no scrapping because he has a cool jack hammer like water pique that blasts everything away. This new machine is revolutionizing the dentist industry and it’s way better than those picks and scrappers.

(2) cleaning around the retainer that holds my bottom teeth straight continually since 1993. This is a major hassle that usually ends up with me cringing and bleeding and shell shocked. But it was simple. The dentist took it out. Nope, no reason for it to still be in my mouth and with 2 simple snaps it was gone.

(3) gums, yes through the 8 years of my lack of dentist visits I had gum disease. The cool little jack hammer like water pique took care of that too! All in one and with only a little bit of uncomfortability.

Oh, and might I add, the dentist said if I needed him to he’d knock me out and all this crazy world would drift away on a sigh, but I chose to stay lucid.

(4) Cleaning done, time for the flouride which not only tastes like crap it also stings the crap out of my mouth for hours on end. Huh? You’re giving me Crest minty fresh mouth wash? That’s it? Sweet!

My gums being sick and sensitive I did bleed, but with the water pique it was washed away and I didn’t have to deal with it all that much. Oh yeah, they brought out a warmed towlette that had lavender in it to sooth my face and mouth muscles and clean me up.

 So final diagnosis after being absent for a while. 2 baby cavities to be filled next week and a deep cleaning in 2 stages to make sure my gums are brought back to their normal state of being. Not too bad.

I would recommend this dentist group to anyone in Fresno, especially if you’re afraid of the dentist. They are very nice and very cool.

Why Stay in Fresno? Wednesday, Mar 18 2009 

fresnoI’ve been asked many times if I was born in Fresno. I wasn’t, I was born in San Francisco but my family moved here in 1989. As an actress, albeit by hobby, Fresno really doesn’t offer my passion as a full time paying gig. This causes me to work where I can and make enough money to indulge my theater habit, yes, I say habit because it’s something I cannot put down. The automatic question then comes up, why don’t you go to Hollywood or San Francisco or New York to act? My answer, as soon as I have to act I’ll lose my love for it. I’d much rather enjoy it for what it is and not rely on it to make my way through this world.

Still the question will pop up, Why Fresno?

Frankly, Fresno’s got everything. it’s affordable, a short drive away from the beach or mountains. There’s culture and diversity in Fresno that incomparable to any other city I’ve been to, and I love it. Yes, I even love the freezing (for us left coasters) and the horrid heat. I love Fresno.

I love the rogue, Fresno Bee, Blogging with other Fresno bloggers, the community that has welcomed me and my thoughts/ideas with open arms. Fresno is a place where I can belong.

Will I stay in Fresno for the rest of my life? Depends. But I will always be an advocate for Fresno and the wonderful opportunities it has allowed me!

I’ve been Blogrolled! Tuesday, Mar 17 2009 

LOL… is that something like Rick-Rolled??? Ok… check out the new digs over HERE and see what the big deal is.

Pecha Kucha was a success last night! The bar was rockin, the presenters were talking about very interesting topics, the room was Twittering, yeah all in all it was a very interesting evening! Look out for the next Pecha Kucha Night June 8th!

Also, I’ve finished reading The Watchmen and now it’s time to go see the movie and compare. I’ll be blogging about it once I’ve convinced Halo to come see a movie with me! 


The next project to read?? Atonement


This should be interesting because I’ve seen the movie already. So maybe it’s a little backwards, but I thin kit’ll be fun to see how the books compares to the movie which I expected to cry at and came away dry eyed.

Pecha Kucha Night in Fresno!! Monday, Mar 16 2009 

Check out this event HERE

I’ll be the mix-master behind the bar. This is their second event and the first event was very successful! Come on out and see what the haps it!09_0316pkrev

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