Last night we let our hair down, danced and laughed while at Zapp’s Park! It was a great de-stressor for myself and those that came out to hang. It was fun and we had a good time! We celebrated Kick Ass Kate’s birthday, drank the Tattooed Lady martinis and danced to music from the 70’s to the present! Hahahaha!!

Last year was the first time we had a pre-Rogue gathering and the effects of it were so potent it become obvious to me that we needed to have another one this year. It was such a nice breath of non-Rogue and really boosted the spirits of those who let the party have such effect.

I stayed for about 3 hours and it really was a boost to my energy reserves. I was able to come in this morning and look at what I needed to accomplish clearly and get to work. I’m almost done and fully prepared for this thang to go off!

Woot! 😀

Here’s the up coming activities:

Thursday 2/26: RogueHop 5-8 at Ashtree Studios & Veni Vidi Vici’s, 8:30 – close Kick Off Party at Full Circle Brewery.

Friday 2/27: Rogue, 11:30 pm The Overdubs @ the Starline for LATE NIGHT ROGUE

Saturday 2/28: Rogue, 11:30 pm Justine Stie & The Trees for LATE NIGHT ROGUE

Sunday 3/1: Rogue

Wednesday 3/4: Rogue

Thursday 3/5: Rogue

Friday 3/6: Rogue, 11:30 pm ROGUE LATE NIGHT CLUB with Jaguar Bennett, Lynn Ruth Miller, Black Light Poetry and Illegitimus.

Saturday 3/7: Rogue, 10 pm ONE BIG ROGUE PARTY with Trey Tosh

Sunday 3/8: Hang-over Brunch, Strike, Circa!

So as you can see… my next two weeks are jammed packed! ::stay upright, stay upright, stay upright:: It’s the mantra!