Yup, that’s right… life has become all Rogue all the time. We’re all scrambling to make sure everything goes off without a hitch (if it can be helped) and support those artists that are participating this year. Taking on the Asst. Co-Producer job has really upped my learning curve and I think I’m running smoothly, I couldn’t be as calm as I am right now if it weren’t for Halo and his amazing ability to know what I need.

Parties!!!!! Woot!

Pre-Rogue Party TONIGHT at Zapp’s Park starting at 7 pm. We are letting our hair down and really taking a night off from the Rogue so we can refocus on what our “To Do” Lists look like. Kevin and Pete are creating a brand new cocktail for the occation, the “Tattooed Lady” and there will be drink specials on well drinks and draft beer!

RogueHop!!! This Thursday we are having RogueHop. From 5-8 there will be teaser performances at Ashtree Studios and Veni Vidi Vici’s, you can also grab a look see at the amazing art that is hung this year! From 8:30 – whenever they kick us out, we’ll be at Full Circle Brewery for the BIG ROGUE KICK OFF PARTY!

(are you sensing the theme of the Rogue, yeah we like to throw parties!)

And then it’s ROGUE time! 😀

Check out the website for information and also, one of our major media sponsors, the BeeHive for reviews!

There are parties being thrown Feb 27th and Feb 28th and March 6th and March 7th… check back here for more info on our LATE NIGHT ROGUE parties!