dacount2Again I was thinking this morning while driving to work about what I was counting this week… needless to say it’s been a hellish week. But then my thoughts moved to this weekend and the happenings going on and I realized, there are a ton of opportunities happening this weekend and next week that are hecka cool!

To explain, The Rogue performers get a boost from the Festival in that we take care of all the press information, we handle the scheduling of tv/radio promotions and such but there’s a lot that the individual performer can still do.

This weekend there are a lot of opportunities for those performers and I think it’s awesome and definitely count worthy. The Mardi Gras parade is happening Sunday and it’s always a good time. Tuesday we’re throwing a party at Zapp’s Park fora pre-Rogue breather and it’s going to be a blast. Thursday is our one big Kick Off party. There’s tv promotions going on and all sorts of goodies happening!

It’s all coming to a head and my life just got a little crazier, but there’s nothing but love.