…when I get asked to cover a bar-tending shift at the Starline for a show, it’s a really really good show. It’s awesome when it’s a good show because it makes the early am clock out time and early am alarm clock buzz not so horrid. Such was the case last night. The show was one of a kind in Fresno, a Producer’s Battle. I’ve never heard of this kind of show, but the premise is pretty eff-ing cool.

FaShawn, local rapper gone big, was the host and about 15 producers got up and battled with beats they have put together. There were 5 rounds and the 3 judges decided who won the battle and went to the next round. I ran into an old friend from high school and it was cool to hear his beats. They killed! The crowd was unusual for the normal run of the mill at Starline, it’s rare to have a hip hop show in Tower. But this crowd was awesome. In fact the fights that broke out last night ended up being at another venue. We had no problems with the crowd enticed by the Producer’s Battle. And this is not unusual for this producer (I foret his name) but he brought in Planet Asia and DJ Muggs and the crowd was similar. Hip hop crowds I’ve encountered are there to listen to the music and support their boyz… not cause ruckus. I’ve got nothing but respect for that.

The bar did well, there was a lot of free-styling going on, FaShawn performed some, Chuck Dimes performed, 2 guys got up and totally killed it spinnin… I don’t know their names but Fan-Eff-Ing-Tastic! I finally got to meet Roque in person, a local blogger and fellow BeeHive commenter.

All in all it was a fantastic evening!

Oh, word to the wise, be careful opening a bottle of Hennessy VSOP, the foil is sharp and it SUCKS having a paper cut sized cut on your fingertip while dealing with alcohol and limes/lemons all night. Ouch!