cheezitsYes… This is my Da Count today because over the past week I’ve been stressin out and freakin out and having to wait a length of time before I respond to anyone to make sure I don’t respond inappropriately and that time has been made good by these Cheez-Its.

Comfort food to the core. I’m very thankful to have found such a delicious healthy snack for my consuming pleasure.

So that’s my Da Count. dacount1


EDIT: A Note about Valentine’s Day. I am still Anti-Valentine’s Day. Sure I appreciate a day to celebrate love and affection with family, friends and significant others… but Halo and I will not be celebrating the day with anything other than what we do everyday. I am working at the Grill, where Halo and I met… actually that’s kinda romantic if you think about it… but that’s a normal occurance. No flowers, no candies, no stuffed animals with hearts all over them… I just want to have a normal day with my man and that’s it. So Happy Valentine’s Day, if you celebrate it and if not… I’m right there with ya!